General Properties
  HITCO CARBON COMPOSITES, INC.’s high performance flexible blankets are state-of-the-art, high temperature blankets manufactured for a variety of applications as firewall protection and barriers. The blankets are customized for specific uses and may be fabricated to size and geometry to meet customers design specifications. These blankets have outstanding thermal and mechanical performance properties and meet 2000°F fire penetration test requirements per FAA standards. Flexible blankets achieve high thermal efficiency for aerospace, commercial, and military high temperature and internal exhaust system applications. The blankets not only protect components in the event of fire, but also maintain low temperatures for the surrounding parts or components. Most blankets are formed from special flexible core materials that are covered on both sides with a variety of heat resistant fabric and metal facings.
  Product Features   Typical Applications
  • Fabricated into any size or shape to meet customer hardware or drawings
  • FAA 2000°F fire penetration requirements
  • Meets FAA 2000°F fire penetration test requirements and provides full insulation protection for 15 minutes in the event of fire, without deterioration per FAR 25
  • Engine reverser/nacelle cowl door fire protection
  •  Ability to withstand high vibration and repeated thermal cycles
  • Engine cowl door, hinge, and latch cover
  • Impedes fungus growth and corrosion from salt spray per MIL-STD-810D, Method 509.1
  • Composite pre-cooler air ducts
  • Can withstand normal operating  temperatures from -65 ° to    450 °F
  • Bleed air ducts/lines
  • Resists jet fuels, hydraulic fluids, and synthetic fluids per ASTM D1655
  • Heater ducts
  • Cost effective, flexible, removable, and repairable
  • Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Compartments
  • Meets Boeing BMS 8-330 specification
  • Engine structure and accessories

High Performance Flexible Blanket Construction
  High performance flexible blankets consist of multi-layer insulation materials, typically quilted in a one inch square pattern, encapsulated in silicone rubber-coated cloth with reflective aluminized surfaces on the hot side. Other hot side cover fabrics are available to meet a variety of thermal applications. The blankets may be fabricated into a wide range of sizes and geometries to meet the most demanding requirements. They can also be stitched together for sealing and fastening, and may be bonded and encapsulated with special coatings such as RTV silicones and other high temperature polymer coatings.
Blanket Specifications
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