REFRASIL® Silica-Based Insulation

REFRASIL® Silica-Based Woven Textile products have been specifically designed for high temperature use.

REFRASIL® products are amorphous silica woven fabrics, textiles, non-woven blankets, and bulk fiber and fibers designed for high temperature use.

The REFRASIL® product line is available in a variety of product forms: Woven Fabrics, Woven Tapes, Non-woven Blankets, Bulk Fiber, Modules, Braiding Yarns, and other specialty forms such as Sleeving, Rope Gasket, and Cord.

REFRASIL® textiles provide excellent thermal and acoustic protection. These high-temperature resistant textiles products insulate and provide continuous protection in environments up to 1800°F (982°C), while maintaining their strength and flexibility.

  • REFRASIL® “Irish” Woven Fabric contains a special coating that provides exceptional functioning when higher temperature performance, up to 2300°F (1260°C), is required
  • REFRASIL® Non-woven Felts are available in a specially processed version that provides higher resistance to residual shrinkage (<1%) and degradation in extreme environments.
  • REFRASIL® products can withstand excursions to 2900°F (1593°C) with minimal embrittlement and shrinkage.
  • REFRASIL® products are available in > 96% silica content. They resist oxidation, most corrosive solutions and chemicals, and they present no known health hazard.
  • Applications for REFRASIL® products range from welding blankets to satellite shrouds, firewalls to aircraft insulation, furnace curtains to thermal couple insulation wrap.

  • Asbestos Replacement
  • Resilient Fireproof High Temperature Insulator
  • Resists Molten Metals and Radiant Heat
  • Compatible with Most Chemicals
  • Low Halogen Content
  • High Dielectric Strength
  • Minimal Smoke Emission
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • No Known Health Hazards
  • Amorphous Structure
  • Cost Effective

Application Guide:

Maintenance and energy costs are reduced by using REFRASIL® products in applications and industries where equipment downtime and fuel conservation are primary considerations. Some of these industries include shipbuilding and repair, power plants and utilities, metal fabrication, foundries, petroleum and petrochemical plants, chemical processing, nuclear energy, glass plants, appliance manufacturing, aircraft and aerospace, electronics and communications, heat treating and other areas where thermal insulation is essential to performance, safety and cost.


Product Descriptions:
  Refrasil Products Statement on Restriction of Hazardous Substances Compliance
Please refer to our product sheets for more specific information about our REFRASIL® needled products.
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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Click on the specific REFRASIL Textile Product MSDS file in PDF format.
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent to open/view the datasheet.
2221 Cloth And Slit Tape
ADH Fabric And UT-48 And UT-96 Woven Tape
AR100 Abrasion Resistant Cloth
C100 Cloth
C100-3 And C100-4 Cordage
C1554 Cloth And Slit Tape
F100 Bulk Fiber
FYT100-Z Yarn
HWS And UB Sleeving
RG Braided Rope Gasket
UC100-48AC And UC100-96AC Aluminized Cloth
UC100-48BC And UC100-96BC Cloth
UC100-48RS And UC100-96RS Silicone Coated Cloth
UC100, WGC And PWG Cloth
UC100-192SS Cloth
UT100 Woven Tape
UU100 And UU-WGC Uncoated Cloth
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